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Boba/Bubble Tea FeatureBecause I love boba/bubble tea so much, I decided to show off my obsessive love for one of my favorite drinks by making a feature journal

Bubble Tea by shiropanda Free Bubble Tea Avatar by Chocolate-Paper Bubble Tea Pixels by pigparfait Free: Mocha Bubble Tea Icon by haine905 New Avatar -- Bubble Tea by Chocolate-Paper Lil' Bubble Tea by themistsayshello Bubble Tea Pixel/Icon by bubbleXteaX123 pixel bubble tea by taruto Bubble Tea Love by wangqr Pixel Art - Bubble Tea by tennoarashi Bubble Tea by socksyy Mmmm Boba.. by mekoness Peach Bubble Tea by NuDolce Bubble Tea Pixels by KurodaEmi Boba Pixel Icon-Free by mang0chan Bubble Tea Animation Avatar by loconut1 Bubbletea 4 by zara-leventhal kiwi bubble tea icon free by peaceandquiet01 Bubbletea by zara-leventhal Bubbletea 3 by zara-leventhal Bubbletea 1 by zara-leventhal Bubble Tea by Liquid-Rainbows
green milk tea with boba charm by cutieexplosion Color Dream Boba Drinks by Octopop-n-Aicing :thumb322028537: Bubble Tea in a Cup by GrandmaThunderpants Scented Pina Colada Bubble Tea Charm by rottingteeth Boba Tea Keychains by Meowchee Bubble Tea Charm Bracelet by lessthan3chrissy Boba Tea Stud Earrings by FatallyFeminine Bubble teas by CuteTanpopo Boba Bubble Tea Drink Ichigo by kneazlegurl125 New Bubble Tea Keychains by Meowchee Bubble Tea by GrandmaThunderpants Rainbow Times by VanillaSnowflake Taro Bubble Tea by GrandmaThunderpants Boba Tea Charms by FatallyFeminine Boba Tea by Iluvrocks Bubble Tea Attack by Neko-Pancake oO BUBBLE TEA Oo by FLIPxoutx Bubble Tea - Button Set by kehrilyn :thu

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September 23, 2012


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So... I decided to do another Kpop feature journal but this time, it will also feature some clay art, plushies, and nail art.

Kpop Stamp by DaniV-P
T.O.P by Jouets T.O.P. - Simply Fantastic Seunghyun by JD-SPEEDbit Donghae Super Junior Skip Beat by ScouserScream CL by TrueKemistry I remember by lanxingxxxx Hello SHINee by boritjaroo :thumb285808209: Myeolchi by BeanyCorinne TTS Seohyun Twinkle Drawing by Dragoslayer4 Sooyoung by KLSADAKO G.D. - 'Monster' by Gilotina OPPA GANGNAM STYLE by jeyarsanmiguel Fany by bbiru Myungsoo by krissasaur Nail Art: SHINee by LeleMJ My first B2ST Nailart by o0oxangelo0o SuJu Mr. Simple Nail Art by kkmaree U-Kiss Nails by aero-plane BoA by Lisa-to-Life Seungri: Big Bang by e-moshun SHINee Hello Baby polymer clay by yuisama Big Bang Alive~ by taeminlover94 Dae Sung fanart by sasha-pak Bigbang plushies : Bad Boy MV by Saschu Fantastic Baby by Letty09 Ren by lanxingxxxx Gangnam Style Necklace by GrandmaThunderpants Tao from EXO by baboolyn Amber by Laaury Brown Eyed Girls by Nisharda Nail Art: BAP by Delinlea SHINee animal costume polymer clay by forgottenlegend Digital drawing- Victoria f(x) by Eonnichan BAP -NO MERCY T2 by PanDaePan Girls Generation SNSD by Arlequinne SJ: Oppa has risen - Eunhae by Fuko-chan Keep Smiling Together by VeRoaYm SUJU-M:Henry Lau by mixed-blessing No Other-Super Junior by nday Bang Yong Guk by BlueBerry-is-cute B. A. P inpired nail art by NarussHina B.E.G. SIXTH SENSE Nail Art by hitsuzenDECEIVED G-Dragon by maddierawr super junior donghae by raeshilin :: KINGS - BIG BANG :: by Fiveonthe Choi Seung Hyun by Chank1 Oppa' Oppa' by miimiiakatsuki SHINee Polymer Clay by fubishie :thumb310461234: taeyeon fedora by marsvern Teen Top To You by Angrypanda-Gin .: Teen Top's Niel :. by TimSawyer L.JOE by MMXII Shining SHINee by batotplai :thumb157726573: Yoona SNSD - Genie by bakasakaki SNSD: Sooyoung by shortpinay :thumb211917054: : Attack on Pin-up boys : by KurosakiSasori-kun Jessica SNSD PAINTING by k3rillcker Eunhyuk - Mr Simple by nympha-nora Flower Boys by Sycorax-Snow S.I.G.N by artydude12 :thumb212215267: BoA by Yannomi YunHo TRI-ANGLE by ezraer :thumb307229281: DBSK - Mirotic Yunho by JD-SPEEDbit Puppy Jaejoong by natsurat Jaejoong Mirotic by emenemsbis B2ST - Fiction by korilin T.O.P by AgiiChan :thumb294794788: BIG BANG DONE !!!!! by PAPIPI SNSD Hoot charms by HandmadeKpopGoods Girls Generation Jessica - Polymer Clay by yuisama SHINee HELLO BABY by OfficialLunacandy balloons by zephiroan GANGNAM STYLE NECKLACE by Luxurychoccie B2ST Charms Ver. BADGIRL by AmbiguousAngel Puppy Hero HBD by IrethSingollo POLYMER SWEETS29 KPOPCHIBIS by greenrave Kyu'Artagnan by bboria Jonghyun RDD modelling clay by AngieKrasiva B.A.P Charms by FlyingPandaGirl Super Junior Mr. Simple Heechul by Ninja-Avenger Clay- Oppa Oppa charms by boritjaroo Jongup Bunny by Kawaii-Shooter BAP - jongup bunny by kiemilkkie CLAY B.A.P Youngjae 2/2 by DesignerJACE :thumb194737936: Key Lucifer Plush Shinee by Leiran SHINee - Lucifer by TheDutchesse SHINee's Taemin: Lucifer style by yuki-k :thumb172659230: SHINee Hello (Chibi Ver.) by mmidori31 Fx by follyfjonk fx: AMBER by i-l-m-k RSF: SHINee Style Replay by IrethSingollo SHINee SHERLOCK by Pulimcartoon Big Bang Charms by FlyingPandaGirl :thumb273151487: Changmin: the Rising Sun by robu386 BAP - Chibi Warriors by trace-xing The Aliens by sepiablue b.a.p. warrior teaser painting on t-shirt upclose by Peculiar-Productions Big Bang - Alive by Arlequinne Wonder Girls - Be My Baby by MasterYamVin Wonder Girls - Be My Baby by enjelia BoA Kwon by Paradesu EaT YoU uP by furawachi No Mercy - Zelo by kitsuneha BoA - Quick Portrait no. 2 by JD-SPEEDbit Hurricane Venus by powLaris28 Angelic BoA 4 by xyunaxfantasiesx SHINee - Taemin by nyugyu BAP Power Chibis N Matoki by trace-xing Fantastic Baby by chriztaychuang Sunny - SNSD by Farah00A YG Family- Big Bang and 2ne1 by sheepsgobaaa Big Bang- Haru Haru by NinjaNeji LOLLIPOP: TOPXGD by Dropwing Minzy 2NE1 WIP by TrueKemistry HATE YOU- 2NE1 by sakuyasworld Haru Haru by virinn CL - I am the Best by IntraVires 2NE1 by Mimikumo Mincy -  I AM THE BEST by Mimikumo Sandara Park - ILoveYou by Yaoi-Hirako Ugly by PandaHatLara Dara- I Am The Best -painting- by LaurenW24 2ne1 - I love you by sachiko2189 2NE1 fire by hedpie we 2ne1 by EternalEnd :thumb272907553: Don't stop the Music by Katie-Woodger 2NE1 by diamondnura Always Keep the Faith by PixieJJC Danger nails by TrojanPrincess F x by Labapo999 Electric Shock by piipapadadi ELECTRIC Victoria by SUPERNEOON Exo Suho by f0rgottin Cho Kyuhyun by HoukouSakura kevin /not finished, sorry u.u/ by kevinini Park Bom in perncil crayon by topistops SHINee's hello baby plushies by tutubim Super Junior T Chibi Dolls by SubterraneanTV Tao - History I by AtelierOfA Zelo .God of Rivalry. by AtelierOfA Ren - FACE Teaser I by AtelierOfA taeyeon time machine by marsvern Kim Key Kibum 4 by Pipi92 Himchan - No Mercy by kitsuneha SuJu: Sungmin SFS by Fuko-chan Sexy Free and Single Sketches  Ver Eunhyuk by CheekyFlower Plushies EunHae_Oppa Oppa... by SongAhIn Hyoyeon Pencil Portrait 4 by BoAism Daesung -- BIGBANG Painting Fan art by antuyetlai Gangnam Style by tedmcfly GANGNAM STYLE by DDRshaman38 G-DRAGON - GET YOUR CRAYON by Nekozumi Finished CL and Seungri commission for Icestorm98 by topistops :thumb184464750: Sungmin  and Yesung by naruvane-san GD by KirieSempai Choi Sooyoung by 9095 A Daebak Illustration of B.A.P (B/W) by VeRoaYm Shinee Lacoste 111126 by Quasha HenMi at SS4 by Jean-chan NEVERLAND: Kevin Woo by seopsquared JEA by Jozzlyn Hyuna by KirieSempai Ren by Alleeza SNSD Jessica by scarletwilight Jihyun by Amaya-Okami Sohyun 4Minute by rennaii Kim Hyuna by belenbillth Hyuna-Change by kingdinget Sexy Free and Single MV wallpaper Coloured by Arlymone JEA by Jozzlyn jo kwon by weiliwonka Jo Kwon by ari-shai GD by Gilotina JunHyung by mela2812 YoSeob by MiraiXxXFuture T.O.P by Hikaru9u9 sohee by tenshi-no-pocky Teaser Revealed - Dongwoon by FreyaBigg Heartbeat - 2PM by Akmona FA45 by Junsu Nichkhun by Wilverein Micky Yoochun Plush Doll by Shizus Yoochun - Drawing :For Deb: by MakaiAsh Changmin by Brietje :thumb143358444: Living in your eyes by Jaejoong ELECTRIC Sulli by SUPERNEOON fx - this is how we do it by hotarumyst Amber Liu by jeremiyan yoona by toastified hyoyeon by u-knows Yoona by ryan04ryan SNSD Sunny Drawing by Dragoslayer4 2NE1- CL [Lee Chae Rin] by keelykeelii painting - taeyeon SNSD by noireru EXO - Tao by Eclaira Taemin by karynlyn .: Shinee's Minho :. by TimSawyer Henry Lau by BKaufeli Eunhyuk by AtelierRAN Hangeng by kimhaneul Kibum for NerdyFreak by v2-6 Minzy by Rebeca-FS CL-Im the best by megu-megu CL by topistops Comissions - 2NE1 pinup by AdrianaMelo 2ne1 TV SHOES by BeaAraneta Ryeowook Tomato by Lanaleiss SNSD: for your wish by jackettt Zelo fantasy by Skintamato

The worst part of this was trying to find out which ones I featured and which ones I didn't feature because I was rearranging my favorites and some stuff I featured got mixed up with all the other ones I was planning to feature but I hope that the featured artists are happy that their works got featured.
  • Listening to: Gangnam Style orchestra version
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PixieJJC Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2013
THANK UUUUUUUU FOR LE FEATURE! :heart: All the artists are awesome! There's so much beautiful work and I am speechless at the talent. KPOP ARTWORK FIGHTING! ^^
tutubim Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2013
thankyou for featuring my SHINee hello baby plushies :)
nympha-nora Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
wow! Thank you so very much for featuring my work here!
Honestly, that means a lot to me :3

(also, sorry for the late reply - I haven't been on dA for a while)
TrojanPrincess Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2012
oh wow!! thanks for featuring me!!! *O* amongst so many other great pieces of art *O* <333
Farah00A Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
very cool set of featured works. thanks for the promotion. :]
Delinlea Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
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fubishie Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2012
Oooh thanks for the feature! :iconuhuhuhuplz: All the arts here are so beautiful :icontearplz:
BoAism Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
thank you for the feature! :)
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